Wheelie Bins Collections

O’Brien’s offer a full range of Wheeled Bins collection services. Wheeled Bins are perfect for clients who are limited to storing a container in one area, as the bins can be easily manoeuvred around their premises. Shops, Bars and Restaurants find them ideal as they produce a regular amount of waste but do not have the space for FEL’s or Skips. O’Brien’s can simply increase the frequency of collection to coincide with waste volumes produced.

Wheeled Bins are ideal for any recyclable materials as well as general and food waste. Once the client selects the waste stream of their choice a clearly labelled Bin will be supplied in order to make the disposal process as efficient as possible.

As O’Brien’s operate throughout the region, our pricing structure enables us to be extremely competitive no matter where the client is located. Along with our recycling rates and our renowned service levels, O’Brien’s are the ideal choice for all your waste management needs. Please click here to arrange a free site survey.