O'Brien’s aim to recycle as much waste as is possible. This is achieved by segregating waste using both technology and manual handling; O’Brien’s have three recycling centres throughout the region where our waste sorting operations take place. O’Brien’s currently provide a service to numerous Local Authorities dealing with kerb side dry recyclable materials. These are collected from households and O’Brien’s then segregate the materials at our newly constructed MRF (Material Recovery Facility) where we currently recycle 98% of the material.

O’Brien’s are committed to diverting as much waste as possible from landfill, we continue to strive towards 100% recycling and as technology progresses we are confident of achieving this.

O’Brien’s also operate a recyclable collection scheme which includes cardboard, paper, plastics, cans and glass, to clients such as Schools, Universities, Sports Stadia, Airports, Shopping Centres and also local businesses.

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