Food Waste

O’Brien’s provide a Food Waste collection to many Schools, Bars, Restaurants and other producers of organic waste. We segregate food waste from our general waste collections. O’Brien’s stand above other waste companies as this waste stream is usually always sent to landfill, at O’Brien’s this is diverted from landfill, instead we supply a Steam Autoclave System in order to render this waste inert and in effect this material is recovered for re use.

Steam autoclaving is a process that uses a pressurized rotating vessel which through a combination of steam, pressure and agitation, results in the organic fraction of the waste being separated and broken down into a fibre.

This fibre is a cellulous material which in itself is a product that can be used in various types of manufacturing or indeed to feed a digestive process to produce energy which of course is carbon neutral.

Please contact us now to discuss how this process can increase your recycling and potentially lower your costs.