Network: Gasholder Demolition Project – Wallsend

Value: circa £650,000
Client: Northern Gas Networks
Location: Howden Lane Howden, Wallsend
Start: July 2016
Finish: Sept 2016

O’Brien Group was appointed Principal Contractor for the full decontamination and demolition of two large gasholders during the northern gas network Phase 2 programme. The site was based in an existing live working/training facility, which also had a main metro line within 20m of the site perimeter, a designated pedestrian walkway adjacent to the fence line, and was further surrounded on two sides by a new residential housing development.


Full decontamination and demolition of high risk legacy site, existing infrastructure included long five runs of cast iron pipes ranging from 12”-24” associated with medium-high pressure mains of unknown integrity.


Detailed Environmental, Health and Safety controls from planning to project delivery.

Installation of crossing for 50te plus excavators and trucks. This consisted of significant engineering input and installation of 70mm steel plates, polystyrene blocks and over 2000te of 6f5 material compacted and rolled.

The complete scope of work includes the successful de-watering and sludge removal works and demolition of both above ground gas holders, above ground pipework.

This project was completed within the time frame without accident or injury and no issues from adjacent business or residents.

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