Neptune Shipyard – River Tyne

The former shipyard facility, on the banks of the Tyne, is being developed as a leading renewable energy centre for the United Kingdom by our client, Shepherd Offshore. The site comprises: a cleared site with all below ground concrete structures in place, including crane pads/foundations/floor slabs and foundations. Given the ship building history of the site these structures were substantial.

Our works comprised but were not limited to:

  • Investigation of existing drainage for consultant engineers.
  • Installation of water level monitoring stations for the appointed engineers.
  • Excavation of trail pits and cuts for the appointed archaeologist prior to the works.

Break out, and remove, all existing reinforced concrete structures process arising to 6f2 recycled aggregate for reuse on the site circa 18000m2.

Recording by our engineer of all obstructions and associated site.

Installation of field drainage to address site water concerns on a design and build basis.

Installation of a contiguous pile concrete wall/capping beam and handrail in accordance with the engineer’s specification circa 130m in length.

Turn over existing site to a depth of two metres screen all materials arisings.

Screened materials were placed in 300mm layers across the site and compacted to specification for testing by the appointed engineers.

Aggregates generated from screening crushed to 6f2 specification as previously described.


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