Former Hyundai Semiconductor Site – Dunfermline


The 1,075,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, constructed in 1995, had been dormant for 15 years. It was full of millions of pounds worth of plant which had never been commissioned. All assets on site remained unused, with many still in their original packaging. We offered an upfront payment to the main client to purchase all assets, and offered a further upfront payment upon commencement of the demolition, due to the amount of recyclable metals used in the building fabric. We offered substantially more money for the asset recovery and demolition than any of our competitors. We have an established network of international end users/buyers of re-usable equipment, and we export metals globally for the best current rates. A number of high profile dignitaries visited the site during the works, including the former prime minister Gordon Brown.

We catalogued all assets on site and sold 75% through an international auction. The remainder was sold by our internal assets recovery specialists through our network of end users. We then started the internal demolition of the structure, including soft stripping, followed by demolition of internal concrete floors using our own fleet of excavators fitted with breakers. High reach demolition machines where then brought in to pull down the external fabric and steelwork. A fleet of smaller excavators, fitted with shears, processed all metals and recyclable materials on site. Over 5000 tonnes of recyclable metals were produced. The breaking up of the substantial floor slabs followed, with remediation of the entire 150 acre site to allow the re- development. All works were carried out over an 18 month period, cutting 3 months from the initial programme.

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