Federation Brewery – Gateshead

The site, just next to the A1 Motorway, required full demolition and site clearance. The Federation Brewery was one of the main landmark buildings in Gateshead, and had dominated the skyline for over 40 years. A full site survey was undertaken by our demolition engineers to establish the method and sequence of demolition to safely remove the high rise buildings. This required a 45 step sequence for demolition of the main buildings, using a combination of machine demolition and crane dismantling to remove the heavy steel beams and columns safely. Roads and footpaths remained live throughout. Our management team attended meetings and were involved in the planning of the project from an early stage. This ensured the smooth transition from planning to site establishment and demolition / clearance of the site.

Works included:

  • Asset Recovery – methodology was developed to include careful dismantling of plant and assets for recovery and re-sale through our extensive network of end users of brewery equipment.
  • Following on from identification and recovery of assets, our asbestos removal team and soft stripping team were deployed to remove all asbestos and soft strip all buildings to facilitate recycling
  • Our demolition team equipped with state of the art demolition machines including high reach, medium reach and 20 tonne machines were deployed to carry out demolition of all buildings. Some of the high rise buildings required careful dismantling, using a combination of crane lifts to remove heavy steel buildings from the buildings.
  • The team managed to recycle in excess of 99% of all materials generated from the demolition.

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