Food ingredients manufacturer demolition & dismantling

The client was undertaking a major review of building requirements on site and we were engaged to work with them proactively to assess initially the potential to fund demolitions through an asset recovery programme and to take the project forward.

This resulted in a successful partnership, over an eighteen month period, and delivered the demolition of major structures on the site including the former dextrose plant, FPL, Feed Mill and Wet Mill.

A full demolition asbestos survey was commissioned to identify all asbestos containing materials within buildings prior to demolition.

Dismantling of silos and tanks and individual items of plant for salvage and reuse. This required a planned crane lift under design implemented by the O’Brien Management Team.

  • Identification and strip out of redundant pipe and cable lines.
  • Controlled demolition of concrete silos.
  • Controlled demolition of both reinforced concrete and steel frame process building structures.
  • Erection of design scaffolds to facilitate the works on site.
  • Crushing of all concrete and brickwork on site to 6f2 specification; this was used to fill voids resulting from the demolition of structures and level the site.

The above works were carried out within a live starch production facility with an area of 42 acres and were completed to the client’s satisfaction without accident or incident.

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