Blyth Power Station Outfall – removal of concrete and sheet piles

O’Brien Demolition was tasked with the removal of the concrete waste water outfall from the former Blyth power station. The outfall was of concrete construction with the original sheet piles still in place. The outfall was four meters wide by two meters deep, and stretched 150m out to sea. The top of the outfall was one meter under sand level.

We utilised 3no 50 ton and 1no 100 ton demolition excavators with specialist underwater attachments. Our onsite team excavated the sand below water level to expose the concrete and sheet piles. Once this was done the concrete was pecked out and the sheet piles sheared and removed. All concrete and steel were removed from the beach on dumpers to a lay down area for processing.

This project was carried out working with the tide, working only short shifts twice a day. Throughout the project O’Brien Demolition worked with the Environment Agency to ensure there was no environmental impact as a result of these works.

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